The STEAD/STEED One-Name Study


The STEAD/STEED One-Name Study was formed in 1996 to collect genealogical data and all possible information on the STEAD and STEED surnames, and all variants, including STEDE, STEADS, STEEDS, &c. Since then we have collected a HUGE library of information, which is available to members of the Study. Bob Steed


Announcing the:


for the surnames Stead, Steed, and other spelling variants

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Why Join the Stead/Steed One-Name Study?

If you join us, you will have unlimited access to all our resources. This includes full access to the website. You will receive a quarterly Newsletter containing many articles of interest and all the latest news of the Study. Click here to see some of the topics covered in the past, or download a sample newsletter here (in PDF format).
Each year we send out a Members' Interest Directory and Library on a CD. A number of indexes are always included, which indicate the documents the Study owns, including:
Each year, we also add a Special Collection to the CD. This year, it is our entire collection of Parish Registers spreadsheets by County / Country, which include, not only Parish Register extracts, but also extracts from GRO Indexes, Marriage Licences, &c.
In subsequent years, the Special Collection will include our entire worldwide collection (830+ and growing) of transcribed Wills, and then our documents in Chancery &c. and other miscellaneous collections in a rolling pattern.
And - it's only £11 a year!  (Other currencies also accepted)

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